Zamantee Africa is a multifaceted talent development and management platform that specializes in the casting, nurturing, training, and discovery of aspiring actors, models and singers. Founded with a passion for fostering creativity and talent within the entertainment industry, Zamantee Africa has emerged as a dynamic force in Africa's burgeoning film and fashion sectors. Once a while, Zamantee offers free scholarship for ambitious and talented individuals! Talents can also get porpular by using the creators discovery platform where you upload contents for viral follow ups. 

Joining Zamanatee (Membership/Subscription Plans)

The platform offers different membership plans, which include Flexi, Premium and Platinum. Each plan offers unique benefits and advantages that cater to the individual needs of participants. Message our official WhatsApp now for a direct casting in joining: +2348186845759.

The Flexi plan costs NGN55k per year and is suitable for individuals who want to get nurtured, package their portfolio, access the online platform only for casting calls, movie auditions and fashion festival. This plan also includes two portfolio shoot, talent guidance, monthly conference and AI talent coach machine. It's a one year membership subscription package. This package allows upto 3 installment payments starting from NGN15,000 deposit to get started. 

The Premium membership plan costs NGN250k per year and is suitable for individuals who want to explore multiple avenues in the entertainment industry. This plan offers multiple free direct casting, auditions for various opportunities listed on the platform. Premium members also receive profile promotions, automatic features, talent management, personalized coaching and mentoring sessions from experienced professionals in the industry, which help to improve their talent and increase their chances of success. This fee can be paid in 2-4 installments within 60 days. Minimum deposit from NGN50,000. 

Finally, the Platinum membership plan costs NGN500k per year and is perfect for individuals who wish to take their career to the next level. This plan includes all the features of the Premium plan and offers a higher level of exposure to casting directors, sponsors, and industry stakeholders. Participants also receive priority listings on the platform, exclusive access to high profile events, and opportunities to work with established stars in the industry. Can be paid in 4 installments with a minimum deposit of NGN120,000.

Joining Zamantee is a significant investment, but it provides unique opportunities for individuals who aspire to excel in the entertainment industry. Participants can choose the plan that best suits their needs and budget, and the platform provides them with the necessary resources and support to achieve their goals. With its extensive database of opportunities and networking opportunities, Zamantee is an excellent platform for anyone eager to succeed and stand out in the entertainment industry.

Message our official WhatsApp now for a direct casting in joining: +2348186845759.

Key Highlights:
Talent Casting: Zamantee Africa serves as a prominent casting platform, connecting talented individuals with various opportunities in the entertainment, film and fashion industries. We play a pivotal role in matching skilled actors and models with the right projects, including short films, movies, TV shows, commercials, runway shows and fashion campaigns.

Nurturing Talent: Beyond mere placement, Zamantee Africa takes a vested interest in nurturing the potential of the talents we represent. Through academy rehearsals, portfolio shoots, mentoring, and guidance, we help individuals refine their skills, develop their unique style, and prepare them for success in their chosen field.

Academy: As part of our commitment to talent development, Zamantee Africa operates an academy that offers comprehensive training programs for actors and models. These programs cover a wide range of topics, from acting techniques and modeling skills to personal branding and career management.

Discovery Platform: Zamantee Africa has gained a reputation as a go-to platform for discovering fresh talents. We actively seek out undiscovered actors and models with unique potential, providing them with a launching pad into the industry. Our discovery initiatives aim to diversify and enrich the talent pool in Africa.

Industry Impact: Zamantee Africa's presence and influence in the entertainment and fashion industries have contributed significantly to the growth and visibility of African talent on both local and international stages. We have played a pivotal role in showcasing the richness and diversity of African creativity.

In summary, Zamantee Africa stands as a pivotal entity in the African entertainment and fashion landscape, combining talent casting, nurturing, training, and discovery into a holistic approach to talent management. Our dedication to fostering emerging talent and connecting them with opportunities has made them a driving force in propelling Africa's entertainment and fashion industries onto the global stage.