About us

For over 5 years, Zamantee has served as a resource for talents to be discovered and scouted while helping talent-seekers move their projects forward. Our 10,000+ members represent a powerful network of African entertainment professionals who leverage our unlimited submissions, best-in-class casting tools, and more performance roles than any other casting service. Our gig tools enable talents to offer affordable gigs for entertainment needs. We pair talents with industry experts!

Zamantee is the organizer for Lagos Fashion Festival (LFF), Abuja Fashion Festival (AFF), Hijabi Fashion Week by Zakiyah Agency (HFW). Zamantee also does film productions, in-house/original Cinema/Netflix/Africa Magic/Rok TV and Youtube productions. 

Zamantee Creators and Gigs network is an innovative platform that provides access to a vast network of actors, models, film crew and influencers' portfolios. The platform empowers talents to showcase their skills and abilities to a global audience, connect with clients directly and secure discovery opportunities.

Notably, the platform allows for easy upload and customization of professional portfolios for individuals with talent in various aspects of the entertainment industry. Zamantee Creators and Gigs network offer a straightforward and user-friendly interface, allowing users to upload their profiles with ease and optimize them to highlight their strengths and areas of expertise.

One significant benefit of this platform is that it enables talent to reach large audience, showcase their portfolio, skills and apply for casting all in one package for easy access. Clients can browse through the explore page and communicate the talent directly. This feature saves both clients and talents time, as it removes the need for a middleman to facilitate bookings.

Zamantee Africa is a multifaceted talent development and management platform that specializes in the casting, nurturing, training, and discovery of aspiring actors and models. Founded with a passion for fostering creativity and talent within the entertainment industry, Zamantee Africa has emerged as a dynamic force in Africa's burgeoning film and fashion sectors.

Key Highlights:

Talent Casting: Zamantee Africa serves as a prominent casting platform, connecting talented individuals with various opportunities in the entertainment, film and fashion industries. We play a pivotal role in matching skilled actors and models with the right projects, including short films, movies, TV shows, commercials, runway shows and fashion campaigns.

Nurturing Talent: Beyond mere placement, Zamantee Africa takes a vested interest in nurturing the potential of the talents we represent. Through academy rehearsals, portfolio shoots, mentoring, and guidance, we help individuals refine their skills, develop their unique style, and prepare them for success in their chosen field.

Academy: As part of our commitment to talent development, Zamantee Africa operates an academy that offers comprehensive training programs for actors and models. These programs cover a wide range of topics, from acting techniques and modeling skills to personal branding and career management.

Discovery Platform: Zamantee Africa has gained a reputation as a go-to platform for discovering fresh talents. We actively seek out undiscovered actors and models with unique potential, providing them with a launching pad into the industry. Our discovery initiatives aim to diversify and enrich the talent pool in Africa.

Industry Impact: Zamantee Africa's presence and influence in the entertainment and fashion industries have contributed significantly to the growth and visibility of African talent on both local and international stages. We have played a pivotal role in showcasing the richness and diversity of African creativity.

In summary, Zamantee Africa stands as a pivotal entity in the African entertainment and fashion landscape, combining talent casting, nurturing, training, and discovery into a holistic approach to talent management. Our dedication to fostering emerging talent and connecting them with opportunities has made them a driving force in propelling Africa's entertainment and fashion industries onto the global stage.

Reaching us: 
Talk to an ambassador today on how your profile can be scouted and setup on Zamantee discovery platform or reach us via the below means.

Talents application only - WhatsApp/Call support - +2348186845759
Student ambassadors only - WhatsApp: +2348023766518
Email support: hello@zamantee.com
Our physical offices are available in Lagos, Abuja, Portharcourt, Kano, Abia, Taraba, Akwa-Ibom. We also facilitate our members in all states of Nigeria. 

For talents located far from the available centers, the following solution has been created:
- Online facility (academy, assessment, discovery)
- Two days physical camp in any of the selected locations (facilitated with shared accommodation and journey support)
- Sheduled Showcase projects (fashion festivals & commercials for models; movie shoots for actors)
No matter where you are in Nigeria, you can join Zamantee and be nurtured for entertainment industry discovery. 

Zamantee talent casting is available for employers and directors in over 10 African countries including UK and USA.